We’re In It Together

“The Diabetes Advisory Council of SC is committed to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to receive education, prevention and treatment based on evidence-based information which includes lifestyle changes that will benefit patients, families and communities in becoming healthier.”


DAC Chair

Welcome to the Diabetes Advisory Council of South Carolina. The DAC is comprised of stakeholders from across the state that are committed to education, management and prevention of type 2 diabetes. The DAC developed and is implementing the 2016—2021 Statewide Comprehensive Diabetes Prevention Plan for South Carolina. DAC focuses on provider engagement, promotion of the In It Together Diabetes Prevention Program through increased program availability, participation, and long-term program sustainability.

DAC is organized in four work groups referred to as pillars.

Pillar I: Provider Engagement

Educates providers on the importance of screening, testing and referring individuals diagnosed with prediabetes to a In It Together Diabetes Prevention Program.


DAC Pillar 1 Chair

Pillar II: Availability

Coordinates the collaboration of stakeholders to identify barriers and increase statewide access and availability of culturally and linguistically appropriate In It Together Diabetes Prevention Program sites.


DAC Pillar 2 Chair

Pillar III: Participant Engagement

Focuses on increasing enrollment and participation of people with prediabetes in affordable, high quality In It Together Diabetes Prevention Programs to reduce their risks of developing type 2 diabetes and improve their overall health.


LaShandal Pettaway-Brown

DAC Pillar 3 Chair

Pillar IV: Coverage

Works to engage large employers and major insurers to cover the In It Together Diabetes Prevention Program in South Carolina.

Heath Neilson, ACSM EP-C, CEP, CSCS

DAC Pillar 4 Chair

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